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Getting rid of the PERSONAL spreadsheet

Getting rid of the PERSONAL spreadsheet

For reasons I now forget (something to do with deleting a macro) I had to unhide the PERSONAL spreadsheet.  I then did what was needed and rehid it, saving the speadsheet.

Now if I try and open a blank spreadsheet with another already open I get the nonsense about 'you can't amend PERSONAL', or often PERSONAL opens on its own, no matter how often I rehide it.



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02nd Mar 2012 08:37

Still doing it

I thought I'd sussed it, but it appears not :(

I opened one of my spreadsheets and PERSONAL opened.  If I try and a blank sheet it tells me PERSONAL is locked.


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to Tim Vane
16th Mar 2012 15:00

Personal Workbook

It's not really clear what your issue is. If you are trying to deploy a new "instance" of Excel (i.e. run Excel separately twice) then you will always get this issue - there's simply no avoiding it. It will give you a message that Personal can only open in "Read-Only" mode but it will still allow you to work on new spreadsheets.

However, I get the feeling there's something in your Personal.xls code that Excel doesn't like when creating new workbooks. The only way to solve this is to get someone to troubleshoot your code.

Get in contact if you wish me to have a look (no charge):- james at

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