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Getting the most of ICAEW membership

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Wondering if there are any hidden treasures that come from membership, searching their website I am seeing lots of paid for content, the faculties etc but wondering if there is anything free thats worth looking at..

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By paul.benny
11th Sep 2019 11:23

The faculties can unlock content that's otherwise chargeable - notably webinars across a broad range of technical-ish updates. Many have offers around now that let you join for a pro-rata fee for the rest of the year. They will auto-renew, though, so you have to cancel.

Check out your district/regional society. The administrator in my region is friendly and helpful and I hope yours is the same. I'm sure s/he would give you a flavour of what they do and maybe let you try a couple of events as a guest.

Get involved in BASE. It's a 6th form business game (partly) to promote ICAEW as a career option running in the early Spring. ICAEW members assist as mentors. No obvious professional benefit but rewarding just the same.

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By Red Leader
11th Sep 2019 11:49

Online access to Bloomsbury tax publications.

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By Maslins
11th Sep 2019 12:51

On occasion I've called their ethics helpline and found it useful. Eg where we're debating filing an SAR.

Otherwise, realistically the letters after your name carry weight, with some clients, and also referencing agencies. I think that's about it sadly.

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By johnt27
11th Sep 2019 13:19

It depends on what you're looking for. Hertz discounts have been a bonus over the years and I'm a member of the Financial Reporting Faculty because I don't get out much. The faculties depending on your interests/specialisms may hold some value.

Most of the special interest groups (or whatever they're called nowadays) are of little value unless you work in the big 4.

Take advantage of the free offers to sign up to things as they come available but don't pay for anything unless you perceive some value otherwise you'll quite quickly triple or quadruple your subs.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
11th Sep 2019 16:40

Ethics helpline is quite good for "can I talk this out with someone?" type questions.

The templates are quite useful for engagement letters etc

I once got lunch out of the local society when they were on a "meet and greet" drive for small practices.

But that is not exactly a great return for 15 years of practice subs, other than getting a few more clients a mortgage than they would have done with "different letters" after my name.

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By Matrix
11th Sep 2019 17:42

I use the helplines. I still haven’t updated my letterhead or website with the new logo.

Most of our local discussions are topics for larger practices so I don’t go to them anymore, I made a great friend at a meeting so they are quite good for meeting other sole practitioners though.

Moorgate offices are fab if you fancy a visit. Oh and the library. If too far then they can send you books.

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Mark Lee 2017
By Mark Lee
13th Sep 2019 18:13

Off the top of my head:
Free email newsletters - on topics of your choice
All manner of discounts for members
Ethics and technical helplines
Library - you can phone up and they'll research stuff for you and send copies of books in the post if you want to borrow them
A London base for meetings and/or to work whenever you come to visit

If you're a member, it's not 'their' website. It's ours ;-)

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Mark Lee 2017
By Mark Lee
19th Sep 2019 11:23

Just to supplement my earlier reply:

Do make sure you update your communication preferences via your member profile on the website.

This determines which communications, information and updates you will receive for free.

It’s well worth checking your preferences for fresh options at least annually.

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Mark Lee 2017
By Mark Lee
07th Oct 2019 18:45

Oh - and do check out all of the free services, courses and support available to members past and present through CABA.

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