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Gift Aid

Gift Aid

If a client makes a single donation in the current tax year and has insufficient income to cover the gift aid, is it possible to carry back a claim for, say , 50% of the donation to the previous year - the legislation seems to refer to "the donation" or "the payment", and in this case there is only one payment.

Has anyone come across this  as even HMRC cannot give a definitive answer !!


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By ali16
to Cheshire
23rd Nov 2012 13:31

Thats exactly the problem - agreed, he can carry back the £1000 to last year - but it doesnt say he can carry back only part of it eg £500, and thats what I am looking to clarify here  

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23rd Nov 2012 13:47

As far as I know it is all or nothing.

Also tax return for previous year should not have been filed at the date of the claim.

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By pjones
23rd Nov 2012 15:29

All or nothing

It is correct that you can carry back all or nothing - if an individual makes a £5,000 donation now, he must carry all of this back or nothing.  If he made two £2,500 gift aided donations, he can then carry back one £2,500, both or nothing.

Please also bear in mind that this only applies where the previous years return is not submitted and we have not passed the filing deadline - therefore a 2011/12 donation cannot now be carried back to 2010/11.

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