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Gifting/transferring personal assets to company

Is it possible to 'gift'/transfer investments (equities) to my Ltd. company?

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Is it possible to 'gift' investments (public equity investment portfolio) to my Ltd. company? Obviously, as it's an asset disposal I would be paying CGT on the spread between cost and disposal.

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By Wilson Philips
14th May 2021 21:54


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By Tax Dragon
15th May 2021 08:15

You're assuming of course that the OP has investments (public equity investment portfolio) a Ltd. company, legal capacity and so on.

Or maybe just a Ltd. company and someone else has investments (public equity investment portfolio) and legal capacity to gift same.

Although I've now been told that all Aweb answers come with such silent caveats, I do wonder how parasitic OPs are supposed to know that. I guess if they read "how to use" before posting anonymously, it would be clear enough. (I'd lay you good odds the OP here didn't read it. And I'm not a betting dragon, as you know.)

OP, pay a bit of SDRT. Or better yet, a tax advisor's fee. You'll be glad you did.

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By David Ex
14th May 2021 22:22

Agree with WP, definitely doable.

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By Calculatorboy
15th May 2021 00:24

One has to ask ..

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Replying to Calculatorboy:
15th May 2021 01:35
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By tom123
16th May 2021 19:26


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