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Glide Practice Management

Any small practices using this

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Ive seen Glide cropping up in practice software queries fairly regularly here on AM - I'm wondering if any very small practices are using Glide or is it geared towards larger firms ?

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By leicsred
20th Jun 2019 10:53

Depends how you define small.

We are a little bit above really small (about 15 of us) but we find it really good.

I would think I would still find it good even if it was just me - it automates the process and avoids missing deadlines.

It is also very customisable so if there are less of you it is possible to have a simpler workflow with less stages.

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By Matrix
20th Jun 2019 14:31

We use Glide and we are two people with 100 or so clients. It is great for deadline management and does other stuff too. We also use it as our information repository.

Request a demo.

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By marks
20th Jun 2019 19:47

I wouldnt say we are big (6 staff and 200 clients).

Excellent piece of software that is highly configurable.

We use it for

1. Job Management
2. Automated email/text chasing to request records
3. Job Scheduling
4. Time Recording

We are continually refining it by amending existing processes and adding new processes.

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