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following Gocardless's announcment that they are increasing their fees, this will effectively double our cost with them

are there any good alternatives out there that others are using / can recommend

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By alfamale
28th Nov 2019 16:56

I agree it's deeply annoying. I have worked out based on my average DD fee that it's going to be a 20% increase without any corresponding benefit from their service. I love the way that they always market it in a way that they are doing us a favour, a lot like taxfiler earlier in the year.

So that's gocardless and taxfiler increased their fees this year, together with the cost of taking on MTD software. I am looking at using this as a justification for a 10% fee increase across the board next year. How well do you think that will go down with clients?

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By Slim
28th Nov 2019 20:24

FTLOG, I have just started getting clients onto gocardless. I can't see any details of the increase?

Great year, add in the Xero fee increases and Taxfiler doubling in cost..

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By johnt27
29th Nov 2019 10:26

No good alternatives, in terms of cost, integration, automation etc, unless you use Practice Ignition.

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By BigBadWolf
02nd Mar 2020 11:27

I am currently looking at FastPay -It looks very competitive, however I understand they have a one off set-up fee.

I will post an update once I have spoken to them.

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