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GoCardless 0r London & Zurich ?

Price hike by GoC . Should I change to L&Z

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Client runs a sports club with members paying monthly subs. Currently around 800+ individual receipts monthly. These are collected via the Love Admin membership system who link with GoCardless. Go Cardless are hiking their charges and Love Admin are now offering the option of changing to London & Zurich for the payment collections.  My client has no complaints about GoCardless and any change would purely be on financial grounds, which would be quite material. Does anyone have any experience of the L & Z to assist the descion process. Thanks

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Stephen Quay
By squay
27th Apr 2020 15:32

My only knowledge of the London & Zurich system is what I have read on the ICPA website as they list it as a member benefit (yes I am a member) so I assume this is discounted in some way. I believe it uses the old direct debit method of sponsoring and I note that it only made two collections per month. At the time I didn't think the costs were any better than GoCardless which I have been using now for 4 years, 2 of those with Xero integration. I wouldn't change from GoCardless now as the total control you have over every client's individual invoice and payment collection via the dashboard is second to none. New improvements are rolled out from time to time such the ability to split an invoice into instalments. Yes, the GoC fees have been increased but still very reasonable IMHO. A £1000 payment collected for £4, whereas by Paypal that would be around £35.

Perhaps the London & Zurich system would work well enough for the regular subscriptions that you mentioned as it would be repeating amounts each month with little or no changes. You would need to compare the fees yourself and decide how fees compare against flexibility.

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