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God Bless HMRC

God Bless HMRC

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Had a letter today saying 'we sent something to your client and it came back, tell us their new address'.

Never heard of the client, but rang and cleared security (/facepalm number 1) by using the information HMRC had sent me.

I explained the situation and that the individual was probably an employee of one of our clients and once I knew which one I could find out the new address for HMRC.  But of course giving out an employer's name to someone is a breach of the Idiocy Act of 2010, as who knows what someone could do with that information.

So I told the nice lady there is no way I can help them unless they can tell me anything about the client.  She said there is nothing she can say, so I said good luck on tracking them down and hung up.

I hope it wasn't anything important HMRC wanted to send.

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By lizmoss
11th Jan 2013 13:28

VAT office just as bad.

Similar situation.  VAT office call and leave me a message, asking for me to call them back.  They refuse to leave a client name or VAT number.  I call back and they ask what it's regarding.  I explain the message I got, and they refuse to help me as I don't have the client name or VAT number!

If the original caller really needs the information that badly, she will call back (I hope).

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11th Jan 2013 14:00

And Debt Management too

Slightly different story, though just as absurd. Was called last week by Officer in DMU. The info requested wasn't immediately available so I said I'd need to call back. To avoid difficulties, I was asked to call back on their direct line. Guess what - it doesn't accept incoming calls.

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By The VAT Doctor
11th Jan 2013 15:27

You couldn't write it

Perhaps not coincidentally, I read the other day there is a new series of "Yes Minister" being produced.  As is always the case, there is nothing funnier than real life!

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