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Going it alone

Going it alone

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I want to leave the world of big employers and become a one man band. What are the best ways of finding existing practices for sale? Or, if I am brave enough to start from scratch how can I get a throughput of clients quickly?

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
18th Nov 2014 23:24

Difficult to find suitable practice for sale.
I started a 18 months ago. There are more people who want to buy than there is peeople selling. I spent a bit of time with a guy who was retiring but it didn't work out. I started part time whilst still in employment and things were moving in right direction before I took the plunge full time. I had enough saving to pay bills for 10 months without taking anything from the business which was sufficient for me.

This seems to be the way most people do it.
Buying fee blocks cost roughly £1 for £1 for GRF so depending on what you expect to earn you will be needing to pay £50k for a fee block if you are looking to move from employed to self employed without seeing a drop in income.

There are some handy guides on AWEB for starting up doing websites etc.

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