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Can anyone recommend good accountants for a LTD Company in Rochdale, Old Ham/Manchester. I've only got 3-4 clients and all my records i beleive are proper, a few concerns though which i am not sure about. I use Quickbooks Online and currently paying £85 to them and around £20 to QuickBooks.

The accountant should be a member of a UK Recognised Supervisory Body (as defined in the Companies Act 2006) or who is a member of the Institute of Financial Accountants so they can issue me certificate of accountant when i need one as i am on a Visa in the UK and Home Office requires such letters.

I am planning to switch my accountant because everything is usually delayed to the end with my current accountant leaving me with no time to review things which puts me under stress.


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By Manchester_man
29th Mar 2019 20:24

Are you looking for a statutory auditor? Just with you mentioning the companies act.

Not many accountants who only have 3-4 clients will remain that small. They will usually be just starting out. Are you looking for a retired person who does just a few jobs in his retirement? If so, I would expect most retirees will have let their membership of professional supervisory bodies lapse.

I have not renewed my membership so cannot help you (nothing to do with retirement) although it wasn't with the IFA. Do you not think that your logic is slightly flawed?

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Replying to Manchester_man:
By aspmxka
29th Mar 2019 20:33

Sorry, i meant it's me who have 3-4 clients. I dont have an issue with the number of clients the accountant has. I'll edit my question.

Regarding the membership, i need a letter from the accountant once they have done my statutory accounts as needed by the Home Office for Visa Application.

I have a serious OCD to get things done in time and make sure everything is properly done.

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By marks
29th Mar 2019 20:49

Just sent you a PM

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
29th Mar 2019 21:44

@James Ashford might be able to help.

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By Manchester_man
29th Mar 2019 22:55

Ah, makes more sense now. All the best.

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