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Good accounting website for reading up

Good accounting website for reading up

Hi all,

My plan is to read up on some areas of accounting that I'm not so hot at (long term contracts, partial exemption VAT to name a couple), while the madness dies down in Feb.

Can anyone recommend any websites that will provide good souces of information (minus accountingweb obviously)?

Thanks for your help


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By cfield
29th Jan 2012 12:09

Acumen Accounting

Iduk, there are loads of accountancy websites with free fact sheets for people to read. My one is on the link below:

I should tell you that I did most of these in 2009 and there may be a few that are not bang up to date (although I do revise them occasionally). Hopefully some of these will be of interest to you.

Please note the disclaimer at the bottom though!


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