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Good guide on how to work out IR35 figures?

Struggling to work out how to work it out!

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Hi all

Just wanting to get my head around how the IR35 calculation actually works.  Does anyone know of a straightforward guide I can read online that shows the steps/calculations?

I filled in a couple of 'take home pay under IR35' calculators to see if I could reverse engineer them, but I'm struggling (especially as I get different answers on different sites!).

This is low key, I'm not working it out because I'm paying anyone, just to understand how it all works so I can advise clients if they ask.

So we're looking for the 'Dummies Guide to What You Will Get if Your Employer Arbitrarily Decides You Are Within IR35' :)

Thanks all

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By carnmores
16th Mar 2020 09:20

we are all stuck , see previous thread

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By alan.rolfe
16th Mar 2020 12:11


This links to a spreadsheet, but it only covers up to 2018/19 at present.

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