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Good news - successful appeal against HMRC fines

HMRC agree to cancel 4 years of fines for failure to submit SATRs

Thought I might share this good news story re a young lad who came to see us in July. 

He was a CIS sub-contractor who was due significant refunds for the last 4 years but because he hadn't done his SATRs for 4 years his fines significantly outweighed his refunds. I put a post up here in July (17th) requesting best way to proceed. We prepared the appeal for him but got hime to write it out in his own handwriting basically pleading that he had been confused by HMRC's online services, couldn't understand the fines because he thought tax was aready being reported and deducted by the contractors and apologising very sincerely for his errors; also that he was now using an accountant and it wouldn't happen again.

4 months later the fines have been cancelled and he has received 4 years of rebates.

Thank you for the advice some of you kindly gave back in July.


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20th Nov 2017 14:11

Brilliant - thanks for sharing. You must be his favourite person at the moment !

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20th Nov 2017 14:37

wonderful - now get him to refer his mates to you

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20th Nov 2017 14:48

well done and i guess his letter has found a decent inspector.
it reminds me when back in 2002 i was told by an employment agency to apply for the CIS card without telling me of my obligations. Following year i received a penalty for not filing a tax return.
Luckily these were a good times when any bigger town had an Inland revenue office and friendly lady at IR has cleared my account and de-registered me from future returns as i shouldn't be registered for the CIS in a first place (at the time i was a FLT driver)

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By marks
20th Nov 2017 23:09

We did the same for CIS guy that hadnt done 3 years returns.

We told him what to write in the appeal and then got him to do the appeal himself and send off.

HMRC have waived penalties for one of the years and the other 2 years are currently being reviewed but expect them to be waived as well as the argument for waiving is the same to that that year which has already been waived.

It is impossible to appeal on a technicality in this case and you are just appealing to HMRC commons sense. At the end of the day HMRC arent any worse off. They have already received the tax when deducted at source. The client didnt know what they were doing but now have engaged an accountant to take care of things so doesnt happen again going forward.

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21st Nov 2017 10:45


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