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Good Nominee Director/share Service Reccomendation

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Hi all. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Can anyone recommend a professional and reputable organisation/company and or group of people who provide a good trustworthy nominee director and shareholder service? 

Am not looking at the cheap options that you can find on google that are obviously a nominee service from the outside world (people who are director/shareholder of hundreds of companies and don’t play the part when needed)... 

...Am looking for good professional people who :- 

  • don't look like a nominee service from the outside world 
  • are not director/shareholder of any other company 
    • / or not director/shareholder of many other companies (a couple at most) 
  • are clean and ethical with normal credit rating/standing 
  • will open a UK high street bank account and remain as signatory but hand over access so day to day banking is done by myself 
  • will sign any normal business agreements that often need the Director to sign 
  • will attend meetings virtually and in person as and when required to play the part whilst being reasonably compensated for time and expenses of course (this is unlikely to be needed but you never know and sometimes occasionally this is needed..) 

I need this service for a company that I am planning on setting up which needs me to be anonymous initially as it will be in direct competition with my current employer and I need time and no stress to set the new venture up over a couple of years before I would be ready to leave my job. 

Of course would need the relevant paperwork and agreements in place in advance to protect all parties fairly. (have seen things listed online such as deed of trust, power of attorney, pre signed share transfer certificate, pre signed director resignation, etc etc?) 

Many thanks in advance for and advise and recommendations. 


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By paul.benny
16th Mar 2021 06:49

The responsibilities on directors are significant. Breach of some carries the risk of criminal sanctions which in turn would result in exclusion from most professional accounting bodies. Some also carry the risk of jail

Many employer contracts explicitly prohibit competition and/or require disclosure of other interests. Even if your current employer doesn't spell out those things, it seems highly likely that you would be using their proprietary knowledge (eg customer/supplier lists, design and technology, cost/price information, etc). Use of someone else's assets without their consent is usually called stealing.

For those reasons, I'm out. As you should be.

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By stepurhan
16th Mar 2021 09:04

Just to summarise.

You are looking for somebody who is reputable, honest and ethical.

You are also looking for someone that will engage in deception to make it look like they are running the company when it is actually you doing so.

I'm sure you will have no problem with finding people who are dishonest only in one highly specific way, but perfectly trustworthy in all other respects. I cannot see this plan going badly for you at all.

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By stepurhan
16th Mar 2021 09:06

As an added treat, I am wondering how the business you are looking for could make commercial sense.

Has to look like it is the owner/shareholder of your company.

Must not look like the owner/shareholder of other companies.

It would have to be a pretty expensive service if they could only have one client at a time.

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By Moonbeam
16th Mar 2021 09:54

Think of other options.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
16th Mar 2021 11:05

Um, you're mad. Sorry.

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By SeanGrey
18th Mar 2021 13:20

Crikey. Was not expecting such complete negativity. Not really helpful for open forums like this right.

There are zero contractual obligations with my current employment and I am not using any of my current employer’s proprietary knowledge (I am using the experience and knowledge I had before joining, and not stealing any customers or pricing etc). A bit disappointing that this is what folk on here first (and only) jump to.

Ultimate beneficial owners appointing representatives to the board and public share registers is perfectly legal and ethical in many circumstances and is not illegal or morally wrong when done correctly. Not everyone does it for deceptive purposes etc. Some people just want privacy for a number of reasons which again is perfectly acceptable and reasonable in some cases. And the person acting as this representative can do so knowing the risks and having the proper documentation and pre agreed procedures. Again I suggest you folk who have slammed this reflect upon this and look to give more balances advice rather than your own preconceptions which is clearly seemingly tainted and biased.

This forum is to offer advise on what has been requested, not chime in with your own problems.

Does anyone have any answers and recommendations specifically to what I have asked for help with?

Many thanks.

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Replying to SeanGrey:
By stepurhan
18th Mar 2021 14:58

No-one has chimed in with their own problems. They have chimed in with what they think is your problem.

Practical advice

If you don't have a non-compete clause, and you are not using current employer's knowledge/resources, just set it up as yourself. Unless you actively shove it in their faces, it is unlikely that your current employer will happen across it themselves. Even if they did, what are they going to do? With no non-compete clause they cannot just fire you.

Your plan is dishonest if its sole purpose is to hide who actually runs the company. If you really believe in doing everything legitimately and above board, I suggest you look up Persons of Significant Control. Blows a hole right through the middle of your plans if you are intending to be honest and ethical.

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