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Good Online Accounting Software?

Good Online Accounting Software?

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Hi there,

Could anybody recommend a good online accounting software they have used?

We are thinking of rolling out to our freelancers/contractors clients to begin with and would be keen to know others opinions.

I have looked at Xero and they look interesting.  However, fear that clients could go on to the Xero website and subscribe themselves for a lot less.  Saying that we would offer a bundled package - so they would still need to get accounts, tax, paye done.



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By Paul Scholes
12th Oct 2011 12:22

FreeAgent / Iris OpenBooks

FreeAgent was written by/for contractor IT consultants who were fed up with the conventional, one size fits all, deskbound systems.  Why I picked it in the first place was that it's based around projects and so clients can invoice & record costs based on their various client projects.

We have used it for over a year via Iris OpenBooks with the benefit that Iris provide it as a discount and so we can then charge less than had the client wanted to sign up individually with FreeAgent.  You don't have to be an iris user to take this up.

To be honest I wouldn't mind whether we operated it or the client had their own licence as it is still far better working with a client's books online than it is deskbound and makes bookkeeping advice far easier to give.

There have been lots of threads recently on this so worth a search.


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By garyturner
12th Oct 2011 13:13

Xero accounting firms get margin

Hi Gurpreet,

Accountants who advocate Xero to their clients get a margin off the published price and also gain access to a couple of other lower cost editions of Xero that direct customers can't buy themselves.

So, it's up to you how you bill your clients, or as you suggest simply combine it as part of your package of fees. Some Xero accountants pass on the monthly subscription at their discounted cost price, some roll it in to their fees and others are happy for the client to sign up directly and simply come in as an advisory user - but the client would pay the higher full published price.

But the key, as Paul says above, is the difference working online brings to your ability to serve and help your clients.


Gary Turner
Managing Director, Xero

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By GurpreetSandhu
12th Oct 2011 17:13

Thank you all.

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Tony Margaritelli, ICPA Chairman
By Tony Margaritelli
13th Oct 2011 11:48

Diamond On Line works for us

We use Diamond on line in our practice which will do everything you want.


Do spend a bit of time checking them out at


It has worked so well for us and it is recommended by the ICPA (I'm chairman but my practice does use it all the time).


I'm sure the time spent will not be wasted.


Tony Margaritelli - Chair ICPA


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By Katharine007
14th Oct 2011 11:38

Vote for Xero

We have been using Xero for about 18 months and are having real success with it.  

It looks great (very important when showing it to clients), is easy to use and has some exciting features.

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