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Good statutory accounts software for Charities?

Can anyone recommend statutory reporting accounts software for Charities?

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We have a small number of incorporated and unincorporated charities which we prepare the accounts and make an Independant Examination.

One we maintain the books for on Xero software.

Can anyone recomend statutory reporting accounts  software for Charities?

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By lionofludesch
28th Jan 2019 16:00

Charity Commission templates are as good as anything if you've only got a small number of cases.

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By Pygmy
28th Jan 2019 16:23

It might be worth your while learning to use SORPAID, but only if your charities know and thoroughly follow all the requirements actually listed in the various SORPs

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Replying to Pygmy:
By WhichTyler
28th Jan 2019 16:41

I find that having a chart of accounts that can be sliced up in a SORP frienly way is more than half the battle. Sorpaid is much easier if the inputs are oven-ready.

It does tend to over disclose, IMHO, but once you have a full working version it is possible to set up your own edit of it

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By daniel_
28th Jan 2019 17:05

We've used Sage Accounts Production Advanced for a few charities.

I found it overkill for the charities we were dealing with but the software is good once you're over the learning curve.

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By Michael.Hall
31st Jan 2019 10:36

I have previously used Paxton Charities Accounting Software (, and found it to be extermely good. Handles multi-fund accounting, and will do the Charities Commission reporting too.

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By raybackler
31st Jan 2019 11:53

I use Liberty Accounts, which has analysis of funds and the SORP on Receipts and Payments and/or Accruals basis, so it fits all charities. I am adding another charity's opening balances at the moment.

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By BrianSeaton
10th May 2021 20:07

Take a look at the spreadsheet on - Charity Accounts Made Simple
It's a free to download and use for non-commercial purposes by small charities and not-for-profit organisations. It can cope with both Receipts & Payments accounts and simple Accruals accounts and doesn't require any knowledge or use of double-entry bookkeeping

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
11th May 2021 08:45

For those that are incorporated, how do you deal with filing the accounts at Companies House?

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