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Google adwords

Google adwords

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I'm thinking of trying google adwords for our practice, and wondered what other members have found when using this.

Our site is very well ranked organically, but not necessarily for all the search terms we would want potential customers to use.

If you have used adwords, what was the conversion rate from click through to meeting and then to customer?

What did you set as your cost per click?

What was the overall return on investment?

Look forward to hearing from you all



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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
13th Feb 2012 13:06


I did use it in the very early days in 2002 when I was one of the very first half dozen or so firms to do so. It worked in 2002 for about 6 months.........then the price per click ( 4p, or maybe 6p for the top spot if anyone else was on that day) went through the roof  as more and more firms piled in.   I never paid more than pence and I think it cost about £10 per item of work, which was a very good ROI, I was mainly selling fixed price tax returns for a lowish fee when I had just started out.

A quick look at the key work tool and its £1 to £2 a click so Its probably £200+ now per item of work assuming a 1 in 150 to 200 conversation rate, so not at high as it used to be.  There are loads of analytics you can use and as you can restrict your spend you can easily test it for a month or so - unlike press advertising the results are instant.



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By Moonbeam
13th Feb 2012 17:38

No good for me

I tried pay for click for a few months a few years ago and had to pay for dozens of accountancy students contacting me. I have never felt tempted to try again.

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By dbowleracca
13th Feb 2012 19:04

What about being more specific with your ad?
Thanks for the responses so far - really good to know what others have found.

I appreciate it's more competitive out there now, and cost per click is much more - and I know what you mean about students moonbeam, must get 100 cvs and enquiries a year!

I was thinking of making it very targeted, for example "solicitors accountants in timbuktoo" and making the ad very enticing, with a specific landing page with a call to action - eg download our free report "11 ways to male your law firm more profitable".

Does anyone have experience of doing this level of targeting?

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By rebeccatait
14th Feb 2012 11:11

Great tool - but you need to know what you're doing.

Google Adwords is a fantastic tool but you do need some expert help with it - I'm lucky my husband is a web designer.  The specific landing page is key.  The person clicking needs to land on the page relevant to the ad or they will just leave and your bounce rate will be high and you'll see very little ROI.  You also need to put a lot of thought in the words you use - there is no point using words like "accounting, audit or tax" as everyone will do the same thing.  If your ad is not getting clicked on then Google will relegate it so be smart about the phrases you use.  Using it in conjunction with Google Analytics will allow you to make educated decisions on your campaigns and to know which ads are working and which are not.  It's about continuously reviewing your campaigns and tweaking them.  One final comment - never EVER allow the likes of Thomson Local and Yellow Pages to run your adwords campaigns.  They will charge you a ridiculous amount of money and they won't know your business intimately enough to develop a successful campaign.  You really need to either do it yourself or find a marketing company or consultancy that will take the time to understand your business and what you want to get from Adwords. 

Hope that helps!

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By David Winch
14th Feb 2012 11:38

Your OP gives a huge clue

You say "search terms we would want potential customers to use" - This is completely the wrong way to look at keywords, search terms and pay-per-click advertising.

You have to discover the search terms your potential clients want to use and are using.  What you want is of no consequence whatever!

Use the many excellent web-based tools to discover words and phrases that are being searched for a lot and advertised on very little.

Your later post about being more specific is spot on.  Only Google know exactly what their algorithms are but it is obvious that 'relevance' is the key, and it is highly reasonable that it should be.  Google has got to where it is by delivering up what people thought they were searching for.  If someone searching for 'Accountant in Timbuktu' gets shown an advert about Accountants in Timbuktu which takes them to a page all about Accountants in Timbuktu, then everyone is satisfied.  Use your advert and landing page to filter out the 'carrier bag stuffers' too.

You notion of a targeted landing page is spot on, and coupled with a free report of extreme value and relevance to the visitor - in exchange for their contact details - is a well proven technique.  I would add three other thoughts to this strategy.

1/. Create a separate advert for each keyword and a separate landing page for each advert

2/. On your landing page only ask your visitors to do one thing - "fill in your details and click here to get your free report" - but ask them several times.  Don't give them any other things to do!

3/. Continually 'split test' different ideas to find out what works best for you, then stop doing what doesn't!

Promoting my own business using Google Adwords, I set a daily limit of £5, and I get an overall click through ratio of 1.5% at an average cost per click of 19p.  6.7% of clicks convert into downloads of my "free report" so it is therefore costing me just under £3 per report downloaded.  This in turn converts well into chargeable work at a huge RoI.  I just don't need to ramp up the flow any higher.

I hope this is helpful.

David Winch

Make Sales Without Selling and Get Paid What You're Worth

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By angusnicolson
14th Feb 2012 11:43

For a niche service

We run Google Adwords for two particular niche services, where we are also highly rated organically.

One generates 1 client per fortnight in a fairly competitive marketplace, and we are happy with that.

The other generates 2/3 enquiries which results in 1/2 new clients <b>per day</b> with average fee income from new clients of well over £50,000 <b>annually</b>, of which 80% is recurring.  In fact, it is going so well we have had to slow down the advertising to manage the firm's growth - 40% for each of the past two years.

We are achieving click through rates of over 10% on the advert displays, and about 50% become clients.

The advertising costs us just £60 <b>per month</b>, which is why it's almost the only place we advertise.

I ran an advert for the main practice, briefly, but it just doesn't work for generic advertising.  Organic and SEO is much better for the bog standard services.

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By chatman
14th Feb 2012 12:32

Pay in advance, not in arrears.

I found it quite good, but would recommend you pay in advance by buying blocks of credit otherwise they will continue to bill you for months after you end any ad campaign.

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By dbowleracca
14th Feb 2012 13:16

Thanks everyone
I really appreciate your comments and suggestions - I have taken them all on board and will make sure I use this in the adwords campaign.

Angus - really impressed with what you are achieving! Can I ask what niche services it is you use adwords for?

Thanks again everyone - I will report back later in the year with th results of our campaigns

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Replying to pacta:
By angusnicolson
14th Feb 2012 14:23

Niche services


I'll PM you details of what we do.

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