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Google apps for business

Google apps for business

I have just signed on for Google apps for business. It looks brilliant. I should have moved earlier. I did not know about it. I like the Gmail function.

I have not had a chance to look at other apps eg Google Docs.

I would be grateful for any comments on how Google apps could be used in a small accountancy practice to improve efficiency.

If you use Google Apps, how did you improve your productivity through Google Apps. How has Gmail improved your productivity?



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21st Apr 2011 11:28

Good choice

I think you will find you become more and more happy with your choice over time.

If I recall correctly you are also now using Capsule CRM too? If so, you should note that:

You can sign in to Capsule from your Google Apps menu, one login does both, andThere is a really neat "context-sensitive" app that Capsule can place inside your Gmail messages, which allows you to easily link incoming and outgoing emails to a client's history.

Also, you can have Capsule automatically sync contact changes to your Google contacts.

Other services, like Mailchimp for instance can also be used from within Google Apps and Xero exports its reports directly to Google Docs as standard.

The more you investigate the available integration options, the more value you will get from your experience.

Adrian Pearson

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23rd Apr 2011 08:29

AW IT Guru - Thanks

Thanks Adrian, now I know I made the right choice.Compared to Oulook I like Gmai since I can access anywhere and the spam filtering is excellent.

As you know as the practice expands it will be easy to add on people. Further Google apps market is growing. This will increase the value of Google apps for business. No need for sever etc.

For a small business it really is the way to go.

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