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Gotcha!! Director's Home Address details...

Co House error: Remember to check Director's home address details...

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Not really a question this, but a reminder (suggestion?) that Directors/Company Secretaries and practices that provide that service might want to double check Director's home addresses are right...

A couple of days ago I found that my home address details at Co House were wrong. More checking found that every company I'm a director of was wrong with the same error. (I only had authentication codes for some companies, but when the FDs for other companies checked my records were also wrong).

Following a lengthy discussion with Co House and to cut a long story short, while we don't know how it happened, it is likely that at some point in the past someone at Co House had processed a manual form/change for a different director at one of the companies on whose board I serve. Somehow my record got changed instead of theirs and all of my directorships were affected in every company for which I serve.

Now that everyone (sensible) uses the registered office of the company as the service/correspondence address Director's home address details are well hidden and never seen if all you do is submit accounts and file confirmation statments.

I suspect that home address would only be used by Co House if there are striking off plans etc. (in which case as a Director I would want to be informed)  

The Co House Manager explained that GDPR rules meant that the only way to see a home address was to pretend to submit changes (and even showing them there had been a hard fought battle) - 

To check a home address this is the process:

  1. Login to using your email and password.
  2. Enter the authentication details for the company you want to check
  3. Scroll down to Directors and Secretaries
  4. Click the [Edit] link next to the name you want to check
  5. On the ‘Change an existing director’s personal details’ screen click [Change existing director’s details]
  6. The home address is near the bottom of the page – If necessary change it.
  7. Cancel out or Submit any changes with the appropriate date and ignore the "advise changes within 14 days warning" that pops up when you submit.

If anyone reading this is a Director, its worth checking your record (or asking the person with the authentication credentials to check for you) just to be on the safe side ;-)


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