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Gov Gateway down for FPS?

Difficulty getting a token

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Has anyone else been experiencing issues with the government gateway for FPS submissions from thursday and Friday 5/6 September?

We have been trying to get status since late yesterday (Thursday 5th) and still no joy today.

We had no problems on wednesday 4th so we can only assume the gov gateway is down but the HMRC Website status report does not have any issues reported.

Tried calling but the automated line say - check the website..goodbye.


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By claudialowe
06th Sep 2019 09:56

I haven't tried a FPS, but submitted 2 CIS returns this morning, and got the automatic success emails for both.

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By acceje
06th Sep 2019 12:54

I filed a number of FPS and EPS yesterday (Thur 5 Sept) - I received the email confirmation for each with no problems.

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By alan.falcondale
09th Sep 2019 08:52

Thanks peeps, Token Not Received was the issue but now resolved.
Disk space permitted the filename creation but no content.
A large 'Phew' when sorted

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