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Gov support for self employed client

Gov support for self employed client - how to access.

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Looks look all those that qualify are receiving emails directly from HMRC, but in my agent HMRC a/c my clients email adress not entered, hence they havn’t received anything. Does anyone know if they will be posting letter in these circumstances?

PS there is no way as far as you can see of applying online unless you have the instructions in this email. You also cant speak to HMRC as whichever option you try leads to automated message just referring you to website.



cecked my cleints gov gatewway

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By memyself-eye
01st Apr 2020 15:22

I have assumed they will write (ie post) to everyone that qualifies at the address on file - I can't imagine all the emails that would bounce even if HMRC thought they had the correct ones (which they don't)

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Replying to memyself-eye:
By Southwestbeancounter
01st Apr 2020 15:33

I read somewhere that the first point of contact would be a letter as well (other than a very vague email I think some taxpayers received last week just informing them that the scheme was to be implemented)

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By Lee11_1989
01st Apr 2020 15:26

None of my clients have informed me that they received an email, although they may just be further down the queue. However, the website says:

"You will access this scheme only through GOV.UK. If someone texts, calls or emails claiming to be from HMRC, saying that you can claim financial help or are owed a tax refund, and asks you to click on a link or to give information such as your name, credit card or bank details, it is a scam."

Are you sure these emails are from a trustworthy source?

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By lionofludesch
01st Apr 2020 16:11

Surprised they're emailing folk already.

Or, indeed, at all.

Look at these with circumspection.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By Southwestbeancounter
01st Apr 2020 18:24

I don't think they are, per se, I think folk are just receiving generic emails that they send out to the self-employed etc every so often that they have signed up to e.g. about webinars etc rather than anything specific to them although as I've yet to actually see one I can't be sure.

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