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Government Gateway

Government Gateway

In the context of the group of companies for which I work, I have separate government gateway style logins to use on for each company.

Is it possible to arrange things so that I only have one login, and then associate different actions with it?

Have I missed a trick somewhere - when Government gateway started, I rather naively assumed each person would manage all these tasks with their own gateway number.

Feel free to flame if I have got completely the wrong end of the stick. Surely those of us in practice must accumulate huge numbers of logins,

Thanks all,


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28th May 2012 13:31

You can, but...
I have the same problem and I asked the HMRC helpdesk about it. They said the only way was for them to remove all my clients from the ID I didn't need any more and transfer them to the new ID, a process that would take 'a couple of weeks'. I foresaw all sorts of problems with lost clients etc, so I decided not to bother

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29th May 2012 09:32

Surely just another example

of the lack of joined up government that we all suffer in this country.  I too have multiple Gateway logins and I am not even in practice.

Similarly I used to have, at one time, THREE CRB record check certificates as each organisation for which I did voluntary work was compelled to conduct their own checks.  The concept of a central register which could be checked by suitable and interested parties, and which could updated by the Police/Courts as and when necessary, seemed to have escaped 'them', although I gather that some progress was being made towards such a scheme at the time I ceased the activities.

Any news?!

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