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Government Gateway

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Just a quick query, has anyone else been experiencing "Government Gateway Connection Failed" issues today? (Wednesday 21/01/2015)

Having checked the HMRC site there are no issues being reported but for some reason our tokens are not being issued and no forms can be sent?


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By [email protected]
23rd Jan 2015 18:32

Confirm you wish to delete the last page

Being now retired, I'm inevitably asked by friends and relations to help them with their last-minute tax returns.  Five separate occasions in the last month I've hit the same apparent bug in the HMRC Self-Assessment software.  You complete a page of information and hit the 'Next' button, but instead of taking you to the next page, it asks if you really want to delete the page you've just completed.  You say 'No' and it takes you back to the page you've just done.  You press 'Next' again and the same thing happens again.  You panic a bit and press 'Save' so as not to lose everything you've done, but again it asks are you sure you want to delete.  The work-around seems to be that you press 'Back' which takes you to an earlier page and then you work forward from there.

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