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Government's growth accelerator prog for business

Government's growth accelerator prog for business

This week Vince Cable announced this new initiatiave. It is aimed at high growth potential enterprises from micro up to top end SMEs.

basically £200millionGBP is available to help 26,000 businesses. They have to contribute between £600 to £3000 dependinding on number of employees to get on the scheme.

This seems a good deal to me as they are getting on average £7500 spent on them for very little investment - about 5 times their average investment.

The lead advisor is Grant Thornton, although there are other specialists in tech, marketing etc who are part of the programme.

From the professions perspective, what impact do we think this will have on accountancy firms heavily involved in the business advisory market.

Will GT end up with all the tastiest clients, given that accessing the cash is pretty much a closed shop?

Remember that even the smallest clients can get on this programme provided they have the ambition and wherewithall to grow.

Although there are far more fish than 26,000 in the sea the problem with selling business advisory services is the apathy in a large tranche of the SME market such that the only motivated companies get hoovered up by this scheme.

Will we truly be left with compliance services only to offer.

Just interested in peoples views.


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