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Grant for pub on rural rate relief denied

Is a pub receiving rural rate relief eligible for a £10k grant?

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Despite the Governments's statement that there will be "small business grant funding of £10,000 for all business in receipt of small business rate relief or rural rate relief ", the guidance sent out to councils says that this only applies to LGFA S43 6 (B) hereditaments which excludes pubs - it applies to shops, food stores and Post offices and specifically excludes any business supplying catering.

Pubs can qualify for Rural rate relief  but I just cannot find the legislation that brought this in. I am hoping there is some clause that says this falls under S43 6 (B) even though that seems unlikely as the original legislation should have been updated.

I think most councils on the face of it are taking a broad view but at least one is not which one can understand if the government will not fund it for them. I am hoping there is something I have missed. If not, I suspect cock-up rather than conspiracy.

Has anybody else come across this or know what the get out of jail free card is if it exists?

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By memyself-eye
06th Apr 2020 10:09

Interesting and concerning - I've just submitted an on line application to Hinckley & Bosworth (Leicestershire) after a pub client was notified the relief was available - they fell within the parameters for a £10k grant.

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By paulwakefield1
06th Apr 2020 10:28

I should add that I have not seen the rejection and I think it is verbal only at this stage. I am awaiting further info. But when I looked at the guidance and related legislation, I could see that there could well be a reason for it.

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
14th Apr 2020 13:14

From what I have seen in government guidance, businesses that qualified for the Expanded Retail Discount announced in January are also eligible for small business grants - and the expanded discount was specifically designed to include pubs.

Have a look at these links:

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Replying to John Stokdyk:
By paulwakefield1
14th Apr 2020 14:00

Many thanks John. That should certainly help although there is a potential difficulty with the interaction with other reliefs and there still seems to be a discretionary element.

We shall see but I am more hopeful!

Edit: Of course the interaction with other reliefs does not matter, it is the basic eligibility that is relavant for the grant. So looking good.

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