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Great Service - anybody have any other examples?

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Been reading about and experiencing service levels from HMRC, banks, arilines etc. in the past week.

Yesterday, prior to the PM's address, we implemented our plan to isolate all at the office.

We have VOIP phones from Took my office phone home and had an issue. Last night their support guys emailed me back within 7 minutes, twice! This morning they rang, first thing, and fixed the issue.

So a big shout out to all at that company. Anyone else got some stories of GOOD service in the current crisis? Let's share some positivity.

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By lionofludesch
24th Mar 2020 13:18

Good service is exceptional.

Which is sad, really.

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By AppleCore
24th Mar 2020 13:29

Love a good VOIP solution!

Voipfone, seems like a good company

we use the guys at, they also offer call handling with the VOIP solution which has been perfect for me dealing with all my clients calling at the same time :D

must admit, not sure how I would have managed without a VOIP solution, the idea that the office phone just rings from home is brilliant!

Highly recommend a VOIP solution to anyone!

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By Cheshire
24th Mar 2020 14:07

Not business related, but Churchill insurance impressed me last night - 9.5 minutes on the phone including hold time to start the ball rolling on a claim, including call back from an insurance assessor within an hour to arrange an appointment to view damage/emails and and texts with further info/claim ref etc.

Made me smile after an awful day anyway!

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paddle steamer
24th Mar 2020 14:24

Highnet were excellent with redirecting two of our phone numbers, one line was a straightforward key in a few buttons and hey presto, the other, which also brought in my office internet access, they had to do as a remote service but were prompt and efficient, so Highnet, thanks.

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By TaxableBen
26th Mar 2020 13:07

We moved to VOIP a year ago on a WHC system. When we basically had to leave the office on Tuesday, the main reception phone came with me. Plugged it straight into home router and away we go. Yes there have been a few teething problems over the past year but overall very glad I made the move in times like this. What sort of costs per user are people experiencing across the different platforms? We're on £12 pm per user plus line costs etc.

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Replying to TaxableBen:
By Wanderer
26th Mar 2020 15:08

TaxableBen wrote:

What sort of costs per user are people experiencing across the different platforms? We're on £12 pm per user plus line costs etc.

£1 per user per month.
(Single line costs & broadband purchased separately.)
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