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Greater Exposure to Accounting Work

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Dear All

I'm a Service charge manager for a large private landlord which is a fairly decent job. 

Is it more involved then it probably sounds, I have also worked in other property accounts roles and have 17 years continuous work experience since leaving college.

I recently completed the ACCA exams off my own back and want to push on.

Setting up an accountancy firm has always interested me, I originally started out in a much broader accounting role.

I'm thinking along the lines of staying in my current role and exploring the idea of approaching local accounting firms, offering part time services, cheap / free in return for varied work to complete the requirements for a practising certificate. Eventually setting up my own firm.

I feel like I've pushed what I currently do as far as I can and I want to learn new things.

I suppose the question in short is how can I become a practising accountant without quitting my job while I obtain a PC?

I'm not in a massive rush, I do reasonably well in what I do but I want to increase my options going forward.

I would greatly appreciate any advice at all.

Many thanks

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