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If you have a Government Gateway Account HMRC do not send you paper coding notices in the post

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My experience is that if a tax payer has a GGA HMRC do not send a coding notice in the post or an email notification that a Coding Notice has been issued.

I checked this week and found one had been issued on 8th February  for 23-24, but I had not recieved a copy.

Because I am retiring and wish my personal allowance for 2023-24 to be set against pensions I needed to phone up and get the coding amended. I had previously chosen to have a small pension taxed at BR and take my personal allowance against my profits. 

On agents site both Notices shown in the format we understand.

The GGW version is

A    I think less easy to understand

B    Only shows the most recent and not earlier version(s)

C   Makes statements that I will be paying less tax on 2023-24 than 2022-23. As I have not submitted a tax return with trading profits for 2022-23 any figures shown for 2022-23 are wrong.

If HMRC wish not to send paper coding notices to tax payers they shouls at least send an email to the tax payer when they issue them.



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By SXGuy
01st Mar 2023 13:20

As agents we receive emails telling us there is a new message regarding paye so it's easy to find a coding notice.

But as with a lot of things, it's hit and miss what hmrc show the tax payer. And as agents sometimes we have the same problem.

Is there no option anywhere to receive electronic communications?

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Replying to SXGuy:
By CJaneH
01st Mar 2023 14:25

As PAYE agent you receive an email regarding PAYE coding notices issued, you do not receive notification re your personal tax clients.

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Replying to CJaneH:
By Paula@Butt
02nd Mar 2023 15:13

Agents have been cut out of this particular loop for getting on for 10 years now. It drives me nuts. The client is only going to call me and ask what the heck is going on if more tax gets taken from them next month.

I've had many a client who made a large pension contribution in one year which was then included in the following year's PAYE code. Not one of them rang to say the tax being taken off them had dropped.

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By Mr_awol
03rd Mar 2023 11:45

As i helped the wife log in to her PTA via the GG last week, i can confirm that the first thing it did was ask whether she wonted HMRC correspondence online or by post. (She chose by post BTW). It continues to ask this on subsequent logins, although i cant say whether it continually asks if you choose online.

So I'd say your experience in the OP isn't necessarily right. The taxpayer would, it seems have to have a GG login AND ALSO have opted for online correspondence previously for them to no longer get notifications by post. If they've ticked online, and forgotten about it, then there are all sorts of possible reasons, including possibly that a different/wrong email address was entered.

In any case the employer (if there is one) would still got a notification of coding if a change affects that employment (but not if it doesnt)

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Replying to Mr_awol:
By CJaneH
03rd Mar 2023 12:26

I can confirm that my email address is correct. I will repeat if they issue a coding notice to be accessed via GGA they should notify the taxpayer by email.

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By CJaneH
03rd Mar 2023 12:22

My Gripe is that if you have opted for on line no notice is sent via an email to say a coding notice has been issued. Therefore tax payer does not know till payment made with different tax deduction. By the way unless requested personal pension suppliers do not send monthly payslips just the YE P60, so coding value still not given to tax payer.

I am concerned for unrepresented pensioners.

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