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Group Relief, different YEs

How is it dealt with in practice?

I don’t know why, but I feel that this should be obvious to me, but isn’t. 

Co S is a 100% subsid of P. S has a YE of March 18, P Dec 17. S makes a loss of £120k and wants to group relieve it to P. Clearly P can claim £90k in 2017 & £30k in 2018, but in practice how do I show this on the CT600s? 

Does S only group relieve £90k in March 18, the remaining £30k in March 19?

If the full £120k is relieved in March 2018, how does P show this on its CT600 - the relief approval from S will show £120k?


New but related Q - if the loss maker (S) has a YE of Dec 17 and the relief recipient (P) has a YE of March 18, can 3/12 of the loss be carried back to P’s March 17 CT?



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20th Jul 2018 16:24

You have to apportion the loss for the year into two parts, Apr - Dec and Jan - Mar. The loss maker S has two separate surrenders to P in its CT return to March 18, showing P's to APEs Dec 17 and Dec 18. They correspond to the claims in P's two CT returns.

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to Alastair Johnston
20th Jul 2018 16:36

...and P would then submit the relevant surrender with each CT600.

That makes perfect sense, thank you.

I knew it would be obvious!

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