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Group Structures

Group Structures

Hi All

A question on group structures and dividends.

I was wondering when a business group (for example purposes..lets say Manchester United and its parent in the caymans) has a trading entity at the bottom of the corporate tree earning the actual profits and has a holding company or several above it that do not generate any cash, but is the vehicle for the utimate public shareholders, when dividends are declared by the public holdings company, how does the cash find its way from the bottom trading entity to the top holding entity?

long winded i know, but thanks in advance for the answers.



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14th Aug 2012 09:26

There are a number of ways in which cash can be extracted from an operating business, and dividends are actually fairly unusual in cross-border situations - but as that was your question...


Each intermediate holding company must declare its own dividend, according to the rules in the native jurisdiction. There was a recent conversation here on the requirements in the UK that you may want to check out.

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