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Guess what - Problem with ASA re MTD setup!

How do you do it??!!

Didn't find your answer?

Ok, so I have finally managed to find and log in to my ASA, and (apparently) all my clients are "linked". I am aware (via google) that you cant see a list of clients.

Probably a stupid question but HMRC are about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Does this mean that clients who are on my OLD gateway account will now be on my NEW ASA?

If so, do I just change the username and password in my software to the new ASA?? Any hair that I had left has now been pulled out. 

The other issue, if I try to sign a client up (i.e. an existing client) I follow the link "Ask a client to authorise you". I then select type of company, It then asks if you want to report this clients VAT through software, to which I put YES. Then I enter clients details, VAT Reg & Date etc, and then it just says "There is a problem - they cannot authorise you for this service until they have signed up"

So I try the same procedure but this time when asked if I want to report through software, I try NO, and it just loops between "type of client" and "do you want to file through software".

Has anyone actually been successful in setting this crap up yet?

HMRC are a complete joke


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By SteLacca
29th Apr 2019 16:13

The ASA is currently only for MTD clients. For everything else, carry on with the old one.

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Replying to SteLacca:
By Sharky77
29th Apr 2019 16:33

Thanks - however I thought if you were over the VAT threshold you had to switch to MTD as of 1/4/19??

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Replying to Sharky77:
By 2003bluecat
29th Apr 2019 16:41

Sharky77 wrote:

Thanks - however I thought if you were over the VAT threshold you had to switch to MTD as of 1/4/19??

For returns starting on or after the 1st April 2019. So for quarterly returns the first due under MTD will be QE 30 June 2019 due by 7th August 2019

And to answer your earlier issue - all clients have to be registered for MTD. Linking them to your ASA will not register them, only link them to you.

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Replying to Sharky77:
By Duggimon
29th Apr 2019 16:44

That's true, yes. The client has to actually be registered for MTD for you to be able to use your ASA to file for them.

If you're already authorised then you can sign them up for MTD through this page

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Replying to Duggimon:
By 2003bluecat
29th Apr 2019 16:47

This link is pretty useful :

Although as above you're pretty much there and just just need to complete the steps in Duggimon's link.

Word of warning though - HMRC recommend signing clients up for MTD at lest a week before the return is due, so I'd advise against doing any now if they aren't strictly needed yet and just submit under the old regime until the QE June returns.

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By johnhemming
29th Apr 2019 17:04

I think the confusion here is between being authorised as an agent and an agent authorising a client for MTD (or more precisely applying for a client to join MTD).

If the clients are already your clients then you don't need to invite them to appoint you as their agent.

What you need to do (If you want to get them into MTD) is to use the ASA to sign them up for MTD.

This all relates to the new Agents API. (which does the same sort of appointment thing, but links to software.

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29th Apr 2019 17:37

The other answers to your question are helpful, I hope the following may also help:-

Click the link at point 5 and scroll down to:- If you’re an agent, use the Government Gateway user ID you got when you registered for an agent services account

Click the link 'sign up your client for Making Tax Digital for VAT' and it should go to the sign in page - sign in with your new ASA ID and password.

It should take you to a screen asking for your client's VAT number.

As you note there's no client list in the ASA, your clients may appear in your MTD software. I understand you register each client for MTD, then set them up in your API enabled software, along with your ASA login details.

We don't want to sign clients up yet, we are going to wait until possibly mid June to see if HMRC's systems cope with the influx of sign ups and hopefully learn from what others are reporting.

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02nd May 2019 17:15

I wrote a simple guide for what you need to do in order to comply with Making Tax Digital. It covers businesses and agents...

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