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Gym membership an allowable expense? Has anybody heard of this one?

Gym membership an allowable expense? Has...

clients files along with the following message:

"I have included in my expenses figures my gym membership as the owner of the gym has informed me that many of his clients claim this under stress management, apparently the government has said it is better to go to the gym for stress management and encourage this instead of seeking medical help I'm sure you will know more about this than me."

Has anybody else heard of this one.



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09th Dec 2011 10:30


I claim my mortgage payments as this is stress management too... very stressful if I get evicted, so better for the business that it's paid....

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09th Dec 2011 11:02

Really thisistibi

I must claim the costs of retaining a mistress.  That's my stress relief!

Seriously though, what's behind this is the work-related training exemption for employment income.  But it doesn't apply to the self- employed.  I think even those that act for escorts (in the now infamous escorts thread) on the site to which we were all referred accepted that gym membership had duality of purpose.

For an employee though the argument goes that it is "an activity designed to ...improve ...personal qualities [through stress reduction!] ... which are likely to prove useful to the employee when performing the duties of the employment".  I'd imagine that good health was also a personally quality that was useful to most employees in their jobs!

I'll let readers decide for themselves whether or not this argument actually works!

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