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Hacked email account - ISP refusal to disclose ...

Hacked email account - ISP refusal to disclose ...

Couple of weeks ago started getting 'mail delivery failures' and thought nothing of it as assumed it was 'normal' spoofing scenario which would wash out of the system in a week or so

After 10 days still getting returned mail so contacted hosting company and asked them to look into the matter

Turns out that the email account in question had actually been hacked (not spoofed) and emails were being sent from the account

Email hosting company were asked for a list of all IP addresses that had accessed the email account over the period in question - duly provided

Picked one IP address associated with a returned email

Received: from **domainName**
( [])
(Authenticated sender: **hacked emailaddress**)

and duly got in touch with VirginMedia providing all information from email hosting company as proof and requesting full disclosure (name, address etc.) of Virgin's user who had used (hacked) the email account to send out spam

Virgin's Response

'.. Virgin Media has a strict privacy policy and we can only release customer data under two conditions.

Either to a law enforcement agency under RIPA, or through an order by a UK Court forcing Virgin Media Ltd to release customer date ..'

Basically the ISP (Virgin) is refusing to hand over details without a court order - presumably high court with costs of approx £5k to obtain such an order

The Computer Misuse Act exists and on the face of it is applicable in this case - however, if the ISP (Virgin) refuses to provide information the whole matter becomes a prohibitively expensive exercise favouring the guilty party rather than the victim and so grinds to a halt

So where does the victim in all this go to get a solution and why are the ISP's supporting the perpetrators of crime under the guise of privacy in what can only be described as collusion?


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15th Jun 2012 18:57

Contact the police

But they will say it's not a priority.

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16th Jun 2012 20:53

Virgin's fear
Will be an even more expensive legal action, with them on the receiving end, if they disclose.
Their lawyers will never consider it. Sad, and seems to favour right over wrong. Now who was it that said "the Law is an Ass[***]". Hope you get it sorted.


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16th Jun 2012 21:04


"Sad, and seems to favour right over wrong."

Not wrong over right?

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to Comptable
17th Jun 2012 09:51

Erm, yes

Sorry about that!


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23rd Dec 2015 18:08

Spoofed emails Virgin Media accounts

I have an ntlworld account for my business.  In September, they moved the platform for their emails.  Since that time my email account name has sent spoof emails to a lot of people whose names were contained in my old emails, including cc's and bcc's. 


I have since discovered it has happened to a lot of people.  Our businesses have been affected, our reputations damaged.  Virgin Media is denying it.  


I have also found that related to this, ntlworld, blueyonder and emails are not getting through because of internet security. 


I believe there has been a data breach and have set up a FB group about the issue. This is called:

Virgin Media Email Problems - Spoofing, Hacked, Data Breach?

I know there are similar issues with other email providers.


Hackers are getting into our emails.  This is concerning, if anyone else has experience/knowledge of this issue please let me know.


Best regards


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