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Hand over from previous accountant

How I start to access the HMRC website for the current company

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Hi there, I am new to the group and I would like to learn  as much as possible, I need to access the new company’s HMRC details,the previous accountant will not give me the user name and password ,do I need to register the company on line with HMRC ? 



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23rd Apr 2019 22:51

The other accountant should not and probably will not have the company's user id and password, and if he did he should certainly not give it to you and if he did you should certainly not use it.

If you want to file a tax return for the company then you can use your own agent user id and password to file a tax return with any commercial software. If you want to view the tax records for the company then apply for an authorisation code that the client can use to authorise you and you can then see their details on your agent account.

This is basic stuff. Are you sure you are not jumping in at the deep end without any water wings?

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23rd Apr 2019 23:01

Thank you for your reply.At my new job I am going to involve with stuff that I have not been trained to do it before , such as access PAYE online for my new company.

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to Fatima Sab
24th Apr 2019 09:26

"At my new job I am going to involve with stuff that I have not been trained to do it before"

It would be interesting to know what experience, background you have, to enable you to assume that you are capable of offering your professional services, within the public domain?

I don't wish to be rude, or disrespectful but, clients should be treated with the utmost respect and, over and above, basic knowledge.

Over the years our profession has become more and more; regulated and compliant (MLR, RTI, GDPR etc), in a variety of areas and, it would be highly dangerous, possibly extremely costly, to persist, with what appears to be, on the face of what you say, an extremely naive approach.

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By SXGuy
24th Apr 2019 08:05

Oh dear.

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24th Apr 2019 09:35

Are you an employee of the company or are you an external accountant? If you are an employee you need to speak to your supervisor or manager about getting the relevant training. There is a lot more that you need to know than we can help you with on a forum. If you an external accountant I don't think you are being fair to your client you can't learn on the job from zero knowledge.

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