handover of furlough calculations

handover of furlough calculations to new accountants

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I'm proving handover payroll data now that client is leaving.

Can I ask the forum's thoughts on new agents asking for detailed furlough calculations on handover?

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By Wanderer
01st Apr 2021 15:35

Personally wouldn't bother.
They can re-perform them if they wish.
Client should have signed them off anyway.

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By lionofludesch
01st Apr 2021 15:47

Obviously, they will need enough payroll data to calculate their own, if furlough is to continue.

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By Mr_awol
01st Apr 2021 17:15

Define detailed. They will need sufficient information to produce in he event of a review. That doesn't necessarily mean all of your correspondence and notes of communications from clients.

If holding back, you might want to consider requesting the client's authority to retain your payroll files for a longer period of time than might usually be considered reasonable under GDPR.

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By rockallj
03rd Apr 2021 00:06

I cannot identify " detailed".
The request was for our furlough claim calculations.

I've provided P11s for 2020/21 and considering giving the same for the previous year.
Surely that should be enough if they want to carry out the calculations themselves if they so wish? I don't feel sending them our calculations is appropriate.

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By Matrix
03rd Apr 2021 08:17

I would probably treat it the same way as any handover. If you have already provided the breakdown to the client then I wouldn’t hand it to the accountant.

If, however, the employer only has the totals then I would probably now provide the breakdown by employee to the employer or accountant in pdf.

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