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By K81
29th Feb 2024 09:45

in addition to the PD1 phone line there is also a high net worth client phoneline which is answered almost immediately.

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By Ianhodges
29th Feb 2024 09:53

Not a surprise PD1 gets priority , some are more equal than others !

It says the public could get through in a little over 22 minutes .

our experience is closer to 60 mins in many cases , if the call isn't cut off before answering

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By JB101
29th Feb 2024 10:39

Ok. Read that and still waiting for an advisor!

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Replying to JB101:
By FactChecker
29th Feb 2024 14:31

Maybe you should try phoning Sarah Olney and asking her to relay your query via thePD1 line to which she has access!

More seriously, an HMRC spokesperson said: "PD1 records were held separately, with only a small number of staff able to access them, and there were usually seven people answering calls to this helpline."

Would HMRC like to reveal:
a) The ratio of PD1 'customers' to the 7 people on the PD1 helpline?; and
the equivalent ratios for Agents and for all the unrepresented taxpayers?
b) The scope and depth of knowledge within those 3 areas (i.e. number of years employed / relevant qualifications / areas of tax in which trained / time in post)?

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By SteveHa
29th Feb 2024 15:31

I called the ADL yesterday, and was answered by an actual person before the first note of the hold music played.

I called this morning, and gave up. Called back this afternoon, and was answered again before the first note of the hold music.

I asked about this on today's call, and the advisor said it depends on time. He admitted that there have been times when he's waited 10 minutes for a call to come through, and other times when the calls are backed up from here to eternity.

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