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Happy Earth Day!

Are you thinking green?

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Afternoon folks!

And Happy Earth Day. On the topic of this pale blue dot we call home, I thought I would ask the community if any of you have made changes to your business which have reduced your impact and promoted a greener way of working! Whether it's been a move to paperless, supporting green initiatives or simply changing to more energy efficient lightbulbs, it would be great to find out some of the interesting ways the accounting world is doing its bit for the planet.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and, as always, I hope you all have a great weekend!

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By Paul Crowley
22nd Apr 2022 17:13

Is paperless green?
Trees are specifically grown to create paper. No paper means no trees get planted, and trees clean the air.
Wind farms? I do not pick how the supplier gets its energy
Light bulbs? Difficult to get the old type even one wanted to

I drive less and do not have a dog
Those are under my control

Are you aware of the Volvo report?
It appears that a vehicle needs to be driven 90,000 miles before the electric beats internal combustion for earthly contamination
And if ever there was a good moral car manufacturer, then it would be Volvo
They gave away the 3 point seat belt to the entire world for free

Blood batteries

Teslas and other electric cars create unacceptable working conditions

Does green mean mean?

Enjoy the videos and have a good weekend

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By Hugo Fair
22nd Apr 2022 17:21

Know what you mean.
But I was intrigued by Will's question "if any of you have made changes to your business which have reduced your impact?" ... which I thought was a call for the brave to admit their business mistakes - until I realised he meant 'impact on the planet'.

Did you see this yesterday on BBC News - (which conflicts directly with the govt's call for everyone to commute into the office every day)?
Especially when 40% of electricity is still generated through burning fossil fuels - whether you're getting in a car or a train, you're still burning something! And not just the fuel ... there's the particulates from tyres and exhausts + non-productive time wasted on journeys + throwaway food from sandwich bars and their ilk.

But then the EU still thinks that burning wood (biofuel) is green energy ... there's so much deliberate confusion being pushed by those in charge!

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By Paul Crowley
22nd Apr 2022 17:51

Much appreciated
Good link

I dislike bandwagons
The best thing is really to use the car you have for 20 years and not buy new

Reuse rather than recycle

Annoyingly the Russia thing will fall by the wayside once Russia has finally destoyed all Ukraine buildings and get back to the usual small scale stealing of land, bit by bit.

The usual countries USA Uk Canada and Australia took the oil and gas lead, but we all just did not buy much Russia energy anyway.
EU literally has the oil and gas plumbed in saving huge transport and delivery costs over the rest of us so they will struggle with the weaning and will slurp it all back up given half the chance

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By JB101
22nd Apr 2022 17:18

I've turned off the central heating in the office to celebrate Earth Day ...

... well, mainly because I'm too tight to pay for the gas!

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By DKB-Sheffield
23rd Apr 2022 20:47

I am planning on going semi-paperless. From now on I propose I...

1. Scan relevant letters issued by HMRC/ CH (that could simply be sent electronically),

2. Ignore notices issued in duplicate, triplicate (etc.),

3. Set aside PAYE payslip booklets that HMRC still insist on sending to me (or clients) where payment had been made electronically for aeons,

4. Pile up envelopes, and preaddressed envelopes,

5. Shred everything monthly and take a bin sack full to the local recycling centre

This 'effort' at recycling would all be superfluous if HMRC (et. al) stopped sending as many letters (not to mention saving £Ms in postage, tanker loads of fuel for Royal Mail etc.).

Forget Making TAX Digital... isn't it about time they considered Making COMMUNICATION Digital? I realise electronic communication is an as yet new and untested medium (?!) but, it's hard to explain to clients that HMRC are insisting THEY use software, BUT we still have to send snail mail letters to HMRC in many situations!

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By lionofludesch
24th Apr 2022 18:30

We should take care that we do not substitute one environmentally unfriendly practice for another.

There's only so much cobalt in the world.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By Hugo Fair
24th Apr 2022 20:06

Hence Paul C's link to "Blood batteries" - see his post at top of this thread.

It's not just environmentally unfriendly, it's directly responsible for the deaths of children extracting it.

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