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Has any answers lost its mojo - side step

is it 20% or zero rated

OK, not realy looked into it as yet, much.

A Ltd Co that buy's and develops property/land.

First project was to re-develope an old property into two dwellings, 5% rated.

However, this left a piece of land that can be built on, eventualy with planning permission.

So my thought is that the land is subject to 20% vat on sale.

However if the Co developed the land, then they would pay 0% vat, as there is no foundations in place.

Any thought's


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By JKnight
18th Oct 2018 22:06

Yes, I'm thinking there should not be an apostrophe in the plural of thought.

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to JKnight
19th Oct 2018 08:43

Or “buy’s”.

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to atleastisoundknowledgable...
19th Oct 2018 09:01

atleastisoundknowledgable... wrote:

Or “buy’s”.

But "develops" doesn't have one.

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By Ruddles
18th Oct 2018 22:27


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18th Oct 2018 22:32

Was there a question in amongst all that ?

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19th Oct 2018 08:44

Has the thread title been changed?

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19th Oct 2018 09:04

A bit more detail in the question would've helped.

Is there an option to tax in place ?

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