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Has anyone applied for parental extension of seiss

Self-employment support scheme ‘parental’ extension. Has anyone applied for it?

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Has anyone applied/helped a client use the parental extension for seiss 4. Hmrc website says to contact hmrc but I can't find any Info as to what criteria they would use or ask before granting any extension (why wasn't the 2019/20 tax return not sent in by 2nd march, was child ill, was the tax payer looking after the child rather than birth parent etc). Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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By fawltybasil2575
21st Apr 2021 13:29

@ d500 (OP).

I trust that the following two links will assist your resolving your enquiry – the first is to the relevant GOV.UK guidance and the second to guidance from LITRG:-


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