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Has anyone been asked to take a pay cut yet?

Has anyone been asked to take a pay cut yet?

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I'm going to post this anonymously, I hope nobody minds.

Have any of your firms asked staff to take a pay cut yet?

We have just been asked to do so across the firm. 

The % cut they're talking about I'm not sure I can manage, but at the same time, refusal to accept could lead to you being pointed towards the door.

What's happening in other offices? 


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By sbrstepshep
20th Mar 2020 18:00

We've been asked to take a 15% pay cut although it is not mandatory.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
20th Mar 2020 18:12

On what basis? Are you so heavy on leisure and tourism than you have no work?

We are far busier than normal with all the extra advice required.

We wont be doing much bean counting for the current period for a while anyhow.

The push up from IR35 work we anticipated losing will more than compensate for lost work on leisure and tourism.

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Lone Wolf
By Lone_Wolf
21st Mar 2020 01:45

Yup. Not delighted by it, but what can you expect. There won't be many of us get out of this unscathed.

Although the request did come before the chancellor's announcements, so I wonder if this will change things. Put a certain number of staff on leave, allowing a reclaim from the government whilst remaining staff keep full pay. We'll see I guess.

It's going to be tough times ahead.

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By free-rider
21st Mar 2020 20:10

We had a couple of people laid off in our office (mainly admin) but this has now been reversed after the 80% compensation was announced.

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By pauljohnston
27th Mar 2020 17:29

Most business owners will haveto take an income reduction, although if the Rate Grant ever arrives this may help

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By tom123
27th Mar 2020 21:03

20 percent for all managers here

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