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Has anyone come across this avoidance scheme for C

Has anyone come across this avoidance scheme for Contractors?

Client working as a Contractor in the public sector just sent me this from an umbrella co wondering if he could do it, cant understand how they are still getting away with this.

"Umbrella Co will employ you which keeps you outside of IR35, once they have paid your salary and made the statutory deductions any residual funds are contributed to a Trust.  You will have a Fiduciary agreement with the Remuneration Trust making you eligible to receive funds by way of Fiduciary Receipt. The Fiduciary use of funds is not taxable and there are no repayment terms"


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18th Sep 2017 14:09

You might like to check whether this is still available following the Rangers FC decision.

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18th Sep 2017 14:16

Clearly yet another version of EBT - and very unlikely to work now.

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18th Sep 2017 15:16
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By Ruddles
to Justin Bryant
18th Sep 2017 15:22

At long last - a link to something pertinent.

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to Ruddles
18th Sep 2017 15:28

Ironic, from the impertinent/missing link.

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