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Has anyone else had a problem with QBO billing?

Quickbooks Online billing

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Apologies in advance for the rant/moan but there is a genuine enquiry here too.

Has anyone else had a problem with clients’ subscriptions being booked through the Agent?  

About six weeks ago I set up a client and while Intuit’s bill says I have four clients and only shows me four clients on my client page the detail of the bill shows that most recently added client listed four times and my being charged accordingly.

I complained and QBO’s initial response was that I had set up the other three and if I didn’t want them I should delete them. Of course I only set up one and I can’t delete the others as they do not appear on my client listing.

Eventually it was passed to the “Escalation team”. I have now heard nothing for four weeks , not even an acknowledgement of my emails chasing a response.

I was already not a big fan of Quickbooks Online, or indeed any cloud accounting software, due to their reduced functionality and reporting and their reliance on an internet connection to access data or work.  Indeed I have just tried to login now and have received the error message

“Something's not right

We're working to get things back to normal.

Please give us a few minutes to fix it and try again"


Now,  with MTD finally here,  this is precisely the time when I am advising clients of their options and another half dozen had expressed an inclination to move to Quickbooks -  and of course I had blithely said I could get a reduced rate for them.  I am now extremely hesitant to recommend QBO since they seem unable to even manage their own records.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so has it been resolved?

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By Moonbeam
09th May 2019 15:26

I'm really sorry to hear about this problem. I've only got one client on QBO and I hate it with a passion. Client pays his own sub.
I find the screen I'm on quite often flicks out from the client data to my practice page and the whole thing is unstable.
Xero is much more reliable, although there is the occasional problem with bank feeds that I think all cloud providers have issues with.

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By Matrix
09th May 2019 16:13

You should have an account manager, so find out who it is.

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