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Has anyone experience of Flowrev?

I need an add on to QBO that can deal with both deferred income and purchase contracts


I wonder if anyone has any experience with Flowrev? We are looking to use it as an add-on to QBO, but it also intergrates with Xero.

Our client buys and sells annual licences so we need to deal with both deferred income and deferred costs. The only app I have found that deals with both is FlowRev. Does anyone know of any others?

And if you use FlowRev, how is it to use day to day, and how is the support?

Thanks in advance.



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09th Nov 2017 13:33

My client has just moved to Xero and is also looking at FlowRev. Sorry that no-one here has been able to give you any advice yet but I'd be very interested to hear your views so far.

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30th Nov 2017 12:35

FlowRev has just been certified as an Intuit partner app. I've got a demo booked with them, so I'll put some feedback here about how I got on.

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30th Nov 2017 12:54

We use Flowrev for 13 of our bookkeeping clients - for some it is just on the cost side, for others just deferred revenue and for some, both.
An excellent tool, and were it not for the price, I would have deployed it across every single client.

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