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Has anyone had problems with Kashflow reports?

Kashflow reports

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Is anyone confused with Kashflow reports and dates? When runing a BS report it shows figures which when drilled down show a nil balance in the acount!.

Why does Kashflow want a start date when running a TB. Seems nonsense to me.

I wouldn't recommend this software to anyone.




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By pdtaylor78
07th Jul 2017 13:13

The start date used to default to the date of the very first transaction entered in Kashflow. Which meant you got a proper full TB. Now it defaults to the calendar year. Which is of no use to anyone. There is no option in the drop down box to select a TB from day one, so have to put a date in that you know is prior to the client first using Kashflow. I use 01/01/1980 which I think is the default date in Sage.

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By fpdbookkeeping
13th Sep 2017 10:41

I too have had problems with the reports in Kashflow, and a few other things in it besides. The way it does things seems to bear no resemblance to the way accounts are actually compiled, which can lead to errors if you are not extremely careful. Have found issues across the board with it. Everything from the bank rec, VAT, Aged debtors/creditors. You click on something to perform a specific task, and think that you have done it, only to find later that it has altered something elsewhere without telling you. For example, why would raising a credit note to correct a purchase ledger balance alter the bank reconciliation???? Just had to waste over an hour figuring out what it changed and correcting it. Frustratingly the bank rec had already been done once and boxed off. Really annoying.

Honestly moving to this software has proved a serious mistake.

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