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Has anyone moved away from Go Cardless?

Has anyone had any experience of moving away from Go Cardless to another provider?

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Our fees have increased a lot so that we are looking to move away from Go Cardless. Has anyone any experience in doing this and is there another provider that you would recommend? What were the positives and negatives? If possible, we would like it to be Xero compatible too. 

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By Seneca
28th Apr 2022 17:08

I have done a research this week comparing FastPay Ltd and GoCardless and I went for GoCardless today, so interested in knowing why you are thinking of moving away?

I thought GC operates on a % fee therefore if your fees have increased I assume your turnover has increased too?
Maybe you should contact FastPay as they have FlatRate schemes although I don´t see it attractive for my specific circumstances (60 clients paying £35 on average monthly).

Another 2 things I discovered on my comparison:
(+) FastPay gives you professional branding and the bank statement only shows your Practice name. I was not very fused with this and I don´t think my plumbers and couriers will be either.
(-) FasPay still requires a tiny bit of manual process every month. It is just importing the invoices from Xero which can be done in less than 5 minutes, but I rather automate as much as possible.

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Chris Maslin
By Chris Maslin
28th Apr 2022 20:21

We've used Fastpay Ltd for almost a decade now. We use it with FreeAgent (not Xero). It is very manual, whereas I gather GoCardless is nicely integrated. We're therefore considering migrating the other way.

It looks like GoCardless will be circa twice the price of Fastpay...but currently the time spent (and periodic human errors) from all the manual stuff is painful.

It does look like Fastpay have an integration with Xero. No experience of that.

Fastpay have been pretty good generally though, ignoring lack of FreeAgent integration.

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