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Has anyone moved from Taxfiler since the takeover?

Wondering how affected the product will be

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I like using Taxfiler but every other product that has got taken over by IRIS has without fail had its product development more or less mothballed - while incurring price jumps (already had two since the takeover of Taxfiler)

With MTD for SA supposedly coming in 2023 I am contemplating moving onto a different system after SA seasons so I'm fully on board with it by that time.

Is there any chance Taxfiler could buck the trend and keep being developed?

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
25th Nov 2020 09:23

Iris just bought it for the revenue stream. You don't matter as a customer, and they will squeeze you until you leave. Its what Iris do.

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By SteveOH
25th Nov 2020 10:04

TaxFiler is still, in my view, incredibly good value for money; especially for a small practice like mine. I shall continue to use it throughout 2021 and most of 2022 and see what happens with product development and cost.

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By Gone Sailing
25th Nov 2020 18:14

They changed the colour scheme a tad.

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By Truthsayer
25th Nov 2020 10:58

I'm sticking with it for the moment, as it is mostly still cheaper and better than the alternatives. The extra functions IRIS have bundled with it since the takeover have added little of real use, though.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
25th Nov 2020 15:53

The problem you will have is that any other software will be twice the cost at least to what you pay now, so even with IRIS 10-15% price hikes it will be a while before they price you out, you also need to consider the time cost of moving to other software as there is no easy way other than transferring basic info over etc.

You make your decision on tax software a year at a time, so if its working for now renew it, then review again in 12 months.

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Replying to Glennzy:
By Slim
25th Nov 2020 23:58

Agree but it is cheap and basic, hence why it is popular. As it becomes less cheap the product becomes a lot less appealing.

If TaxCalc didnt want to charge me £324 + VAT for cloud services I'd have moved ages ago.

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By daniel_
25th Nov 2020 19:38

I'm hopeful that TF will still be developed. Their product roadmap show lots of things as being planned.

It's still good value at the current pricing.

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By AC71
27th Nov 2020 22:25

In the last email newsletter it said an update was happening in early November. Not happened yet.

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