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Has anyone signed up to 'the core asset'?

The latest marketing tool that's supposed to give your practise the edge over all others

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Has anyone else been approached by Steve Hackney from the 'core asset' asking to sign up to basically a business growth tool that you can offer your clients for free.

This is supposed to give you a USP in that you can help your client's businesses grow. Price about £400 per month.

Call me a sceptic but my successful clients don't need it as they already know how to grow their business and the unsuccessful ones should have been learning about marketing before they started. 

I can see it might be useful for start ups but like alot of marketing material I'm sure it's just old content re-hashed.

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By James Green
03rd Aug 2019 17:35

We got a years free subscription and published it as hard copy.

We sent the hard copy to every client and prospect for the 12 months.

Didn’t bring in anything new, but did get a couple of positive comments from clients.

On a cost / benefit we didn’t convert to a paid subscription.

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By SXGuy
04th Aug 2019 15:03

£400 per month, good for start ups? Wish I moved in your circles.

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Replying to SXGuy:
By indomitable
04th Aug 2019 15:27

You pay this, the clients get it for free

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By William Ridley-Camforth
09th Feb 2020 01:54

Bold statement that my clients “ know” how to grow. Marks and Spencer, Toys r Us, House of Fraser and a plethora of industries being disrupted by different marketing platforms and digital transformation. And these firms had teams of financial and marketing skill sets. The world has changed and is changing. Once IOT, 3D printing and quantum computing arrives ( earlier than most expect), it’ll be curtains for many.

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