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Has anyone tried using Outbooks for outsourcing ?

Looking to outsource some book keeping but very aware of data protection and security .

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Has anyone tried this company based in India or can they recommend an outsourcing company they have used ?

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
07th Apr 2021 10:39

I havent heard of this company but I am currently using a company (CCProfessional) to bring my systems up to date with Accountancymanager and I am intending to use them for some bookkeeping when my staff are snowed under.

They are a virtual assistance company and charge by the hour. You pay for a number of hours - usually in 10 hour chunks.

if you dont use the hours then they are carried over. So if I dont use my hours for bookkeeping the remainder can either by carried over or used for something else (e.g working on a blog for my website).

I am very pleased with the work being undertaken - such companies are being increasingly used by smaller accountants as they are flexible.

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Replying to Jennifer Adams:
By Gray Business Solutions
07th Apr 2021 10:44

Thanks , I will check them out . It is hard when you are a small firm to always manage the workflow and felt a flexible option would work best for me for now

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By Tweetinat
07th Apr 2021 11:35

I used to work with the founder of this company, many years ago when I was a consultant. Whilst I can't comment on Outbooks directly as I haven't used them, I would have no hesitation in trusting Amit and would expect that his company is exceptionally well run.

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By Max Maxwell
07th Apr 2021 13:41

We are regularly approached by outsourcing outfits but have always thought its a lot of effort in getting the information to the outsourcing companies, scanning invoices, receipts, bank statements etc and then checking it over again to ensure no errors etc etc..

Is it worth going down this route?

How does the process work in practice? What can and does go wrong when using an outsourcing outfit?

Maybe I need to be convinced that outsourcing the work is worth it..

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