Has anyone used Clearview software for forecasting

Clearviewhub sounds attractive going through their website but real life feedback appreciated..

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Still using Sage Forecasting which I have always liked but the computer the software installed on is dying on me! I need to explore other options as Forecasting ceased a long time ago and wonder if my only realistic option for stand alone forecasts is building a spreadsheet model..? thank you

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By abelljms
21st Nov 2023 16:01

I feel for you! This quest has defeated me too. I'm saving for £1m so I can get a package written, and make millions.

I've a model in excel I created which does pl, cashflow and bs, but of course it's fragile as any formula can get broken anytime, especially if I allow a serf near it.

PS Liveplan can't do a UK balance sheet for some bizarre reason, Planguru is not much better etc. No idea why there isn't a UK-based package available.

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By Steve_C
26th Feb 2024 07:46

I developed the ClearView software for this very reason. Spreadsheets were too fragile to share with clients and there was nothing similar since Sage Forecasting finished. I wanted a robust integrated P&L, cashflow and balance sheet that users could focus on the inputs rather than the background formulae. I couldn't find anything and so worked with some great software developers to help me build one.

I'd like to develop the model further and to prioritise this I'd also welcome any real life feedback from anyone that has used it!

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By abelljms
04th Mar 2024 10:48

So where do we get clearview?

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