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Has anyone used Lightyear or ApprovalMax

Lightyear or ApprovalMax with Xero

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I had a demo yesterday from Lightyear and I was very impressed with the offering

The client is currently using Dext and Xero, but want a way for invoices to be authorised electronically. 

With Lightyear we would just use that and Xero

I am also looking at ApprovalMax - which would require client to still use Dext too

Has anyone used either or these and have any feedback - good or bad?

Thank you

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
11th Jun 2021 10:32

What is the value add over using invoice approval in Xero? Workflow because of the volume of invoices, OCR from pdf's (which Xero does after a fashion)?

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Replying to Arthur Putey:
By sarahg
11th Jun 2021 10:39

The client wants a clear audit trail and 2 people need to sign off each invoice - there may also be line items that need to be disputed.

Also, Xero does not restrict users enough for the clients purposes - they work on projects and they don't want each manager seeing documentation for the other projects

The system is very manual at the moment so I am trying to streamline things - I think Xero Approval is too simplistic for this business

Thank you for your comment

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By kiwilondon99
11th Jun 2021 12:25

some time back - had a demo of icomplete
similar to workflow - approvals projects + sign off matrix all able to reconfigure + code up
recall it had its own ocr [ so no dual dext ++++ s/ware applicable ]
depends on all your requirements + co size

the auto entry/hubdoc / receiptbank-DEXT etc etc seem to have limited dimensions 'deep' coding
nb - not involved with any of the above co or products !!!! [ nor a user right now !]

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